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our QHSE policy

We get it done the work done safely, the right way.

Our core values at Destra Energy stipulate safe practices in all our activities. We instil our high standards of QHSE in our staff, suppliers and any persons involved in our work and also pursue excellence in the adoption of principles for delivery of quality services, safe working environment, customer satisfaction, environmental protection and sustainability.  

Destra Energy Group is committed to:

  • Providing safe working environments for our workforces and suppliers by ensuring that all processes are properly assessed to identify and remove or effectively manage risks to achieve our target of ZERO incidents and/or accidents.
  • Developing and maintaining an appropriate Integrated Management System (IMS)S
  • Communicating to all its stakeholders and employees the IMS performance records and implementation strategies.
  • Holding all levels of management, staff and contractors accountable for QHSE within their areas of responsibility. Every employee has the right and obligation to STOP WORK when unsafe conducts are observed.
  • Developing a preventive QHSE culture throughout the company through effective communication and training
  • Instituting a system for monitoring, reviewing and improving the IMS performance.
  • Complying by all regulatory, legal and statutory requirements relevant to its operation
  • Conducting regular QHSE audits to identify weaknesses and guarantee compliance with local and international standards and regulations.
  • Reporting, investigating and closing out all incidents and non-compliance
  • Ensuring that suppliers demonstrate full compliance with this policy
  • Continually improve our QHSE performance – This policy shall be reviewed periodically to ensure continual improvement