Oil & Gas

Equipment and Materials Supply

We deliver solutions to clients through the supply of equipment and materials to support drilling and production operations, such as oilfield lubricants, rig consumables, deck, cabin and engine room stores, PPEs, etc.

Exploration Services

In partnership with a renowned Geoservices provider who own a powerful fleet of seismic vessels combined with modern technology, we provide 3D/4D Seismic Data Acquisition Services, 3D/4D Seismic Data Processing Services, Rental of Seismic Equipment, 3D/4D Seismic Data Interpretation Services, Studies and Reports, etc.

Charter of Offshore Support Vessels

We partner with vessel owners to supply offshore support vessels to our clients in Ghana, in compliance with the country’s local content regulations. We participate in long term and spot charter of AHTS, PSVs, Barges, ROVs, LCVs and other specialized vessels.

Manpower Services

Provision of skilled onshore and offshore personnel to staff oil and gas projects. We match the right talent to positions from our large database of qualified and skilled local personnel.

Drilling & Production Services

We are focused on delivering drilling and production solutions to clients through the supply and operation of drilling rigs, equipment and materials as well as the supply of drilling and production chemicals.

Marine Services

We also provide offshore operation support including long term and spot charter of Offshore Support Vessels such as AHTS, PSV, Barges, ROVs, LCVs and other specialised vessels.

Upstream Consulting

Our specialist team of multi-discipline engineers are experienced in all aspects of the upstream oil industry from exploration through to production. Other areas of our expertise in the energy business include: feasibility studies, due diligence, project planning, cost-benefit analysis, risk management, project delivery and decommissioning. We leverage on this to offer valuable advisory services specially tailored for international companies that wish to expand their operations to Ghana.

Renewable Energy

Destra Energy is focused on the development of reliable renewable energy sources in Ghana in fulfilment of the government’s goal to generate 10% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Our services include:

Solar Energy

Residential and commercial solar power systems.

wind Power

Conversion of wind energy into power using wind turbines.

Hydro Plants

Micro-hydroelectric power systems.

WtE (Waste to energy)

Production of energy from waste using thermal and non-thermal technologies.

Technical Consultancy

Destra Energy offers a myriad of services in the development of power generation in Ghana including Business, Legal and Financial Advisory Services, Acquisition of Permits and Licenses, Acquisition of Land, Industry and Market Research, Due Diligence, Tax Exemption, Immigration, Stakeholder and Community Engagement, Project Development, Project Management, Project Agreements: Land Lease Agreements, PPAs, Grid Connection and O&M Agreements.

We take great pride in our highly competent and committed team who strive to achieve operational excellence.